Yogurt or Yoghurt has been classified as one of the healthiest food consumed by humans starting from the ancients days in human history. It is a famous dairy product made by the bacterial (mainly Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii) fermentation of milk packed with bone-building calcium, probiotics and protein.

It is regarded as is one of the most nutritious foods that aid digestion and a huge step closer to your weight loss goals.

With all its nutritional values, eating yogurt on a regular basis is said to be the key to boosting several aspects of your health. While you’re sticking to an exercise routine hoping for a potential six-pack ab or plain flat tummy, food like yougurt should be on your list of diet choices – besides cutting down on the carbohydrates.

According to Muscle & Fitness advises,  you can eat yogurt only in the morning (without the junk food) or right before beginning the day’s workout routine. Whichever way you prefer,  this how the calcium packed food can help burn those belly fats.

 How Yogurt can help you lose belly fat

In terms of a certain body part, this dairy is another crucial nutrient for a stomach taut diet. There are certain nutrients in protein that may help with weight management such as protein and calcium. A  study published in the International Journal of Obesity discovered that consuming yogurt helps to burn belly fat in obese participants.

A record was made of half of the participants who got their calcium from this cultured milk and those who opted for supplements. Both groups were also put on diets to cut 500 calories per day. After 3 months of steady observation, participants who consumed yogurt lost a lot more weight, mostly from their waistlines as well as in retaining a lean figure..

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Note: while yogurt remains one of the options for a slender frame, readers are warned of added sugar. Experts advise you stick to products like unsweetened Greek yogurt or skim milk over flavored, sweetened options.

To enjoy the mouth, you can complement it with slices of fruit like apple, banana, berries, mango, grapes etc.

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