Sugar is basically essential nutrient we almost cannot do without on a daily basis since our blood needs it. But it gets complicated when people overindulge and consume excess sugar in a way that it becomes an addiction. For instants, you can’t survive a day with gulping a can or more of soda or perhaps popping up a couple of chewing gums or few candies just to satiate that sweet tooth.

But, experts are saying sweet things aren’t so sweet for your body. So you might want to consider it if you value especially the size of your waistline.  Also, new research has shown that sugar is also biologically addicting.

They offer a daily recommendation,  easy solution and guide on how to break out of sugar addiction.

Effects on health

Sugar has both good and adverse effect to your health. The difference here is the amount consumed which if reduced, you may also reduce irritable bowls,  acid influx; anxiety and stress; joint pains; migraine; rashes and fatigue. According to the American Dietetics and Diabetics Association, excessive consumption of sugar is the leading cause of degenerative disease.

Daily Recommendation

We may love sugar and sugary food but they definitely do not reciprocate the fond gesture. Unknowingly, some people especially adults actually consume more than the recommended quantity per day ranging from a whopping 20 to 22 spoons; and then 30 to 34 spoons for children. According to experts, this is completely out of proportion and below is the recommended quantity of sugar to consume in a day:

1. Adults: 5 teaspoons a day for women; and 9 teaspoons a day for men

2. Children: No more than 4 teaspoons a day

Put into more perspective one can of soda contains 10 -12 teaspoons of sugar. It’s enough dealing with the naturally occurring sugars in carbs we eat, to tolerate added sugars used as ingredients in some processed food products.

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Sugar Addiction and ways to quit

It is generally known that many people have a sweet tooth and can’t live a day with the satisfying that sweet craving.  For all we know, sugar fuels your brain cells and out of a force of habit, the brain begins to see it as a reward and makes you keep craving for more.  But here’s how to kiss that sugar addiction goodbye for good and try to follow the instructions to see the result in less than two weeks.

It doesn’t mean you would never get to enjoy certain port of dessert occasionally,  but just until you keep a reign on the addiction.

1. Discipline: To make a stern decision to commit yourself to this detox will reset your body and brain from sugar craving.

2.  Stay away from all forms of sugar: Artificial sweetener, white four, pre-packaged food, hydrogenated fat and MSG.

3. No sweetened tea, coffee or processed juices. Try green vegetable and fruit juice instead which has simple carbohydrates and fiber that slow the process of turning the simple glucose [sugar] into your bloodstream.

4. Eat more protein: egg, fish, white meat, seeds and nuts.

5. Eat the right carbohydrates: non starchy veggies, green beans, asparagus, mushroom, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant,

6. Try to manage your stress: Like it is said, when you’re stressed you eat dessert. Why? because stressed spelt backwards is dessert. This simply means that stress spikes up your cortisol which drives up your hunger and fuel your sugar craving.

7. Choose good fats like nuts, avocado, fish, seeds and include it on every meal since they contain omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Excluding dairy and gluten out of your meal may not be easy but in a few days, your craving will drop.

9. Less sleep makes you eat more calories, therefore a recommended 8 hours a day sleep keeps the craving away.

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