Relationship Goals

Every relationship goals target a perfect union of couples looking like they have it all worked out and nothing is wrong or will ever go wrong. I recent survey has shown that some women feel embarrassed to ask their man for money or for something they need.

Most people might find it unbelievable, but these independent-minded women would rather soak up their challenges secretly or seek help elsewhere, rather than going to their man. Not even when he has the capacity to help, they don’t just feel right about it. This happens when the woman has ‘I should take care of myself’ mentality,  she feels responsible for herself, and more than anything else, she hates that her man might feel she’s buggy.

The closest thing she’d do is to get help somewhere else -family relation, even when those alternative sources are the most unlikely to be responsive. She will still prefer to take that chance than ask you for anything.

She wishes you can figure it out

I am fine is one of the lies people tell on a daily bases and women are no exception.  Your woman expects you to read her body language and her moods.  Learn to read the words in her silence. This is one the important relation goals every husband must keep in mind. The man must probe beyond getting answers via her words alone. You should always look her in the eye or watch her closely to find the true answers.

She wishes you can indulge her littlest vanity

Most men feel in charge when they’re financially responsible for their woman. As a man, there is no way you can be comfortable that your partner isn’t asking you for anything right?  You work and earn salaries but for up to 3 months you haven’t bought her anything? Geez!.  Unless you’re working on a tight budget that would eventually benefit the both of you, then nothing stops you from pop up with a little surprise package for her.

Otherwise, even if you are saving to buy world bank,  2 months is more than enough to stop by the store and get her a nice pair of jeans, a top, a fancy hair ribbon, flowers or whatever she may like. These little things won’t put your savings into recession.

To know she’s not always a superwoman

Despite her independent facade – probably a top lady in the co-operate world or a celebrity with a fat paycheck, yet she wants her man to fulfil certain financial duties towards her. Some men are way too relaxed over the fact that their woman earns money, but that’s a mistake which may be draining the love between couples.

Even if she has all the money, she has needs that only a man can satisfy.

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She knows you’re the right man when you care for her needs

“Baby, I have a free budget for April, are there things you need that you want me to make a budget for?”

“Honeybun, I know you need money for your project, so I will cover your other minor expenses so you can add that percentage to what you have saved up, alright?”

“Bae, drop by the T&T and select any shoe design you prefer, I already paid. Just give them your name and you’ll have it.”

You can’t begin to imagine the joy you fill her heart with by doing these things. Or sometimes just send her some cash and ask her to keep it for you, we both know she understands what you’re trying to do.

Don’t wait for her to come asking you for little things.  Grown men adopt common sense towards their responsibilities and according to capacity, they don’t wait to be asked.

These relationship goals are the backbone of every union.  Don’t believe JLo when she sings “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” Love is not free, the price is responsibility.

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