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If only you knew about these famous motivational success quotes, life would have been so much easier.

Achieving success gives one a feeling of fulfillment and confidence. That is why we bring you these quotes about success and principles of life for a better understanding of how the world works. 

Quotes About Success And Life You Wish You Knew 

1. You Can’t Always Be Nice, That’s How People Take Advantage Of You.

2. Mindset Is Everything, What YouThink, You Become.

3. Mindset Is What Separate The Best From The Rest.

4. The Goal Isn’t About Money, It’s About Living Your Life The Way You Want To.

5. You Were Not Given This Life To Be Average.

6. If You Want To Be Successful, You Must Be Willing To Walk Alone.

7. The Choice Is Quiet Simple. Work On Your Dream Or Someone Else’s.

8. Everything You Need Is Already Inside You. Get Started.

9. You Can. End Of Story.

10. They Told Me I’d Never Get That Far…They Were Right. I Got Even Further.

11. Am Not Impressed By Girls Who Go Out Every Night. Am In Impressed By Girls Who Go Out Every Morning.

12. Attention Everyone: A Year From Now You Would Wish You Had Started Today.

13. It’s Going to Happen Because I’m Going To Make It Happen.

14. Motivate Me, Support Me Or Get The F**k Out Of My Way.

15. All Do Some. Some Do It All

16. Love Your Haters Because They Are Your Biggest Fans, They Keep On Wasting Time Just To Watch Your Every Wrong Move.

17. People Who Appear Strongest On The Outside, Usually feel The Weakest Within

18. There’s No Way To Completely Fail Unless You Completely Quite.

19. There Comes A Time When You Have To Choose Between Turning The Page And Closing The Book.

20. Be Thankful For The Bad Things In Life. They Open Your Eyes To The Good Things You Weren’t Paying Attention To Before.

21. Please Do What You Love, Find A Way, No Excuses.

22. If You Hang With Energy Suckers, You’ll Behave Like A Victim. Chill With Game Changers And World Builders And Their Peer Influence Will Cause New Possibilities To Open Up In Your Thinking, Feeling, Crafting And Producing.

23. When Someone Encourages You To Love Yourself More Than You Love Them, Never Let Them Go.

24. It’s Harder To Be Weak When Everyone Thinks You’re Strong

25. Spending A Large Amount Of Time With Some People Literally Causes You To Pick Up Their Habits.

26. This Is How To Be A Millionaire: 

  • Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 
  • Be Broke For A Long Time 
  • Lose The People That Don’t Believe In You 
  • Have Some Sleepless Nights 
  • And Learn To Believe In Yourself 

27. Separate Yourself From The Bullshit

28. There Are Many Things To Play With; A Person’s Feelings Are Not One Them.

29. If  You Ask Someone A Question And They Only Partially Answer, Just Wait, If You Stay Silent And Maintain Eye Contact They Will Continue Talking.

30. They Listen More When You Speak Less.

31. Keep This In Mind: Cheaters Thinks Everyone Cheats, Liars Thinks Everyone Lies

32. Intelligent Is Admitting That You Don’t Know Everything

33. Never Settle For Less Than What You Deserve.

 34. Take Chances When You’re Young So That You Can Tell Stories When You’re Old 

35. You Can’t Stop A person From Doing What They Want To Do. They’ll Start Lying To You To Continue Doing It. 

36. Hurt Me With The Truth, But Never Comfort Me With A Lie.

37. It Not About How Big The House Is. It’s About How Happy The Home Is.

38. A Man’s Money Will Never Excite An Independent Woman.  

39. Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It.

40. When Things Don’t Happen The Right Way, Just Remember: It Takes 6 Months To Build A Rolls-Royce And 13 Hours To Build Toyota.

41. Every Boss Started As A Worker.

42. If Someone Doesn’t Value You, They Deserve To Loss You.

43. No Matter How You Feel, Get UP, Dress Up, Show Up And Never Give Up.

44. The Only Thing Making You Unhappy Are Your Own Thoughts. Change them.45.

45.  Boy Makes His Girlfriend Jealous Of Other Women. A Man Makes Other Women Jealous Of His Girl.  

46. If A Drop Of Water Falls In A Lake, It’s Identity Is Lost; If It Falls On A Lotus Leaf, It Shines Like A Pearl. Drop Is The Same, But Company Matters.

47. Trust Is Like A Sticker. But Once It Is Removed It Can Stick Again But Not As Strong As It Holds When First Applied. 

48. People Who Constantly Suffer Emotional Wounds Tends To Easily Get Annoyed With Others For No Apparent Reason.

49. Never Give Up On a Dream Because of the Time it will take to accomplish it. The Time Will Pass Anyway.

50. Never Win People With Arguments. Rather Defeat Them With Your Smile. Because People Who Wish To Argue With You Can Not Bear Your Silence.

Quotes About Success

51. As Long As You Don’t Forgive People Who Have Hurt You, They Occupy A Rent Free Space In Your Mind.

52. Keep Your Face Towards The Sun And You’ll Never See The Shadows

53. Attitude At It’s Best: “My Back Is Not A Voice Mail. Kindly Say Whatever You Have By Facing Me.”

54. There Are Two Most Valuable Places In The World:

  • The Nicest Place Is To Be In Someone’s Thought
  • And The Safest Is To Be In Someone’s Prayer.

55. Two Things brings Happiness And Success In Life: The Way You Manage When You Have Nothing and The You Behave When You Have Everything.

56. Everything Is valuable only at two times: Before Getting It and After Losing It.
57. Always Wrong Thing Teach The Right Lessons In Life And That Is Called Life Experience.

58. Empty Pockets Teaches You A Million Thing In Life,. But Full Pockets Spoils You In Million Ways.

59. Faith Is Taking The First Step Even When You Don’t See The Whole Staircase

60. Ego Is The Only Requirement To Destroy Relationship. Be A Bigger Person. Skip The ‘E’ And Let It ‘Go’

61. Life Is Like A Boxing Game. Defeat Is Not Declared When You Fall Down; It Is Declared When You Refuse To Get Up.

62. The Problem Is That People Are Being Hated When They Are Real and Are Being Loved When They Are Fake.

63. Instead Of Buying Your Children All The Things You Never Had, Teach Them Things You Were Never Taught. Material Wears Out But Knowledge Stays.

64. I Am Thankful To All Those Who Said No To Me, It’s Because Of Them I Did It Myself – Einstein.

65. If Friendship Is Your Weakest Point Then You’re The Strongest Person In The World.

66. Opportunities Are Like Sunrises – If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss It.

67. That People Laugh Doesn’t Mean They Have No Sorrows, It Means They Have The Ability To Handle It,

68. Coins Always Make Sound But Currency Notes Are Silent. So When Your Value Increase Stay Quite.

69. You Don’t Have to Be A Professional To Build A Successful Product, Armatures Started Google And Apple, Professionals Built The Titanic.

70. Everything About The Future Is Uncertain But One Thing Is Certain: God has Already Arrange All Our Tomorrow We Just Have To Trust Him Today, Hence Patience Is Paramount.

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71. The World Suffer A Lot Not Because Of The Violence Of Bad People, But Because Of The Silence Of Good People.

72. Patience With Family is Love, Patience with others is Respect, Patience with Self is Confidence and Patience with God is Faith.

73. Beautiful things are not always Good, But Good things are always Beautiful.

74. Don’t Worry About People Who Talk Behind Your Back, They’re Behind you for a Reason.

75. Don’t be Sad because you’re at Low Level of Success. Just Remember, even a cub is the Lion.

76. Life is not about Finding Yourself, Life is About Creating Yourself.

77. In Life, you will Meet Two Types of People. One Will Build You Up, and the other Will Tear you Down. In the end, you will Thank them Both.

78. Don’t Let Yourself Be Controlled By Three Things: People, Money And Your Past Experience. 

79. To be successful you must give up the following:

  • Excuses
  • Self-doubt
  • Negative thoughts
  • Fear of failure
  • Judging others
  • Negative people 
  • Procrastination 
  • Pleasing people
  • Fear of success.

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