Ashley Graham

Plus size model Ashley Graham is one woman who has demonstrated that ‘Bold’ can also be ‘Beautiful’. The American television personality and sexy plus size model has successfully proved that the conventional “skinny model” isn’t all there is to modelling.

Even though she had faced lots of criticism from people saying she’s promoting obesity, she had remained steadfast in her body activism. And what’s more, she founded ALDA and continues to teach people to be confident in their own skin.

However, for Ashley, gaining popularity from being a plus size  model does not necessarily mean she has to forgo exercise. She still keeps fit and utilizes several means of exercise in order to stay healthy and she got her chiselled high cheekbones to show for it.

Let’s look at her diet, body measurements and her controversial weight loss.

Plus Size Model Ashley Graham

The Supermodel was born on 30th October 1987, into a family of five; her parents and two younger sisters. She and her family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in her eighth grade. She attended Scott middle School from where she graduated in 2002 and in the same year entered Lincoln Southwest High School and graduated in 2005.

Ashley Graham met Justin Ervin, who is a videographer in 2009. They saw each other in church and by 2010, the two love birds were married.


The body positivity icon was discovered by I & l,  a modelling agency at just 12 years of age while shopping, and soon after signed her first contract. This was soon followed by a second contract with Wilhelmina Models in 2001.

There seems to be no break for her because the third deal with Ford Models followed suit in 2003. She has featured in Vogue Magazine and the Glamour editorial of October 2009’s “these bodies are beautiful at every size”  along with other models. She appeared on the cover of the June 2014 issue of Elle Quebec magazine and in 2012 was named the Full figured fashion model of the year.

She is well known as a lingerie model and is the first plus-size model to be featured in the ‘sports illustrated’ swimsuit issue in 2015. Perhaps, it was Lane Bryant’s TV commercial in 2010 that brought her to the forefront of the public. The commercial was banned which generated a lot of media attention. She is a fan of Jennifer Lopez and is also the first plus sized model to be signed by the singer for her fashion line.

Apart from modelling, the curvaceous model also acts as a host on a number of beauty pageants including Miss USA and Miss Universe. She gives talks to high schools students on body positivity. She equally served in a humanitarian mission to South Africa with the Themba foundation.


Body Measurements

Ashley Graham weighs 201 pounds with a bra size of 38D and DD cup size. Her height stands at 5 ft 9 inches with a corresponding shoe size of 10 (UK). The rest of her body stats are as follows:

Dress size: 16 (US) or 46 (EU)

Body measurements: 42-30-46

Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham closes at Christian Siriano fashion show (left)


This stunning model enjoys a delicious blend of fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins as well as healthy fats. Green juice and brown rice are also part of her daily diet.

She also confesses to being a huge fan of French fries and doesn’t mind taking Mac and Cheese on her cheat days.

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Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Size is such a touchy subject for her because she claims that the incessant speculation on it really bugs her. But some of her fans can’t just let it go especially after she was sighted at a Hearst Mag front event in  New York back in 2018 where she seemed to have lost some weight. Some felt that she doesn’t represent the plus size community anymore while others are arguing that she’s trying to fit into the normally acceptable standard.

For a woman who lives off on being plus size, this could prove to be a problem. Many people feel that she is betraying her role as the proponent of the resistance against the discrimination of plus size women in the fashion industry.

So what does Ashley have to say in her defence? The delectable celebrity chooses to remain silent on the issue although a source close to her came to her defence by saying that a woman’s body fluctuates from month to month and hers is no different.

While she is not so comfortable talking about her weight loss, she’s certainly at ease when speaking about her workout routine, although she is quick to point out that she works out to ease off jet lag or to maintain her health or clear her head and not necessarily to lose weight.

Apart from daily cycling from Brooklyn to Harlem and back, she does a lot of warm-up squats, leg lunges and cardio ball smash. However, Kickboxing is her favourite workout while tennis is her favourite sport.

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