Plantain Pancakes

Plantain Pancakes is a breakfast recipe you’d definitely want to try for a change. It is easy to make and the taste is worth the kitchen efforts, thus, there’s no need to throw out that overripe plantain.

There are not many differences between Plantain Pancakes and the traditional pancakes that we all familiar with.

Except for the inclusion of a few other ingredients and of course, plantain, from whence the name is coined, below is the recipe for Plantain Pancakes.

Plantain Pancakes Recipe


3 Ripe Plantains

2 cups All-purpose Flour

2 cups Liquid Milk

4 Eggs

1teaspon Baking powder

1/4 lb (4 oz) (115 g)/ 1 stick Butter

1/2 cup Sugar

1 teaspoon Vanilla essence

1/2 teaspoon dry chilli Pepper

Pinch of Salt

Vegetable oil


Steps 1:  Peel and slice the ripe plantain

Step 2:  Put inside the electric blend or food processor and grind into a pulp

Step 3:  Whisk the eggs, milk and vanilla essence and mix into the plantain pulp.

Step 4: Mix the flour, butter, sugar, baking powder and salt in a dry bowl and set aside.

Step 5: Using a stirring spoon or whisk, combine the wet ingredients (step 2 & 3) with the dry ingredients (step 3) and rest the batter for about 10 -15 minutes.

Step 6: Place the skillet or frying pan under low heat, grease the pan with one tablespoon vegetable oil or butter.

Step 7: Gently dribble the plantain pancake batter from the center so that it slowly spread across the pan. Make sure the heat is as low as possible so that it doesn’t get burned too fast before it is thoroughly cooked.

Step 8: Once the downside is cooked and firm, gently flip to the other side and allow to cook until both sides turn golden brown. Continue the frying process until you’ve cooked all the plantain pancakes batter.

However, if you have fried more than you or your family need, you can preserve the batter in the refrigerator and continue another day, but not more than three days.

Step 9: Serve hot and enjoy with a glass of milk, milkshakes, yogurt or ice cream.

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Allowing the pancake batter to rest for 10 -15 minutes gives the baking powder a chance to activate and the flour to hydrate.

The eggs and especially the baking powder, are responsible for the rising of the pancakes, hence you need to aerate the batter well with a whisk before allowing it to rest.

Using a non-stick pan or cast iron skillet is best for pancakes because it absorbs and spreads the heat to brown the pancake without the need for excess oil or butter for frying.

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