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Most people know Lindsay Lohan as the child actor who starting featuring as a regular on the television soap opera Another World, since age 10, until her breakthrough in the Walt Disney Pictures film The Parent Trap in 1998.

Well, Lohan is obviously not a child anymore as you can see and she’s still on top of the game; from teen idol to reaching every nook and crane of the entertainment industry. Lindsay Lohan is not only an actress, but she’s also a singer, a fashion designer and a businesswoman.

Lohan’s career made her famous and a constant interest to millions of fans who can’t get enough of her activities on/off screen, such as what diet has the award-winning star been eating to keep body and mind healthy and functioning. Also, you’re about to find out about her exercise routine and crazy weight loss, but let’s get a little more personal with the Freaky Friday actress and platinum and gold certified singer.

Lindsay Lohan Biography (Age)

Born on July 2, 1986 (age 32 years), in New York City, Lindsay Lohan is of Irish and Italian heritage and her parents are  Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan, both of whom are a television personality. She was raised a Catholic along with her celebrity siblings, Aliana “Ali” and Dakota “Cody” Lohan.

She attended Cold Spring Harbor High School and Sanford H. Calhoun High School, until grade 11, when her parents, who are already divorced, signed her up for homeschooling. She combined education and a career as a child and modeling with Ford Models at the age of three, as well as for Calvin Klein Kids and Abercrombie.

By the time Lohan reached the age of 10, she’d already appeared in more than 60 television commercials for top brands in the United States. And now that she has all grown up and a complete adult, we still can’t get enough of her.


As far as dieting is concerned, Lindsay Lohan has pretty much dabbled into healthy and unhealthy ways of eating. Like most celebrities, Lohan tries to stick with healthy diets like the ketos diet

However, this is what Lindsay Lohan’s diet looks like;

For Breakfast:  Eggs, banana and vegetables.

For Lunch: a slice of chicken,  three slices of turkey and or ham with tomatoes and lettuce.

For Dinner: a salmon fillet cooked with some olive oil and a cup of vegetables will do.

As for snacks and dessert, some fruits usually comes in handy. There was a time, she lived on fruit juice, cantaloupes and diet coke in other to lose weight. Part of her eating style includes take small portions every three hours and eating only when she’s hungry. Like many of us, she enjoys Big Mac at McDonald’s.

Weight Loss

Lindsay Lohan
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While the red-haired actress struggled with alcoholism and drugs in the past years, Lohan once said her ultra-skinny physique has more to do with getting the attention and observing the attitudes of friends around her. According to her, losing weight was an attention thing and she wondered if  “friends are your friends because you look a certain way.” But more than losing weight the natural way, Lohan’s weight loss in the past was a cause for concern.

After she was admitted in the hospital for a kidney infection around 2005, she also lost about 15 pounds. As of 2019, her weight is reported to be 112 lb (51kg) at a height of 5 ft 4.8 in.

Besides indulging in once a week gym exercise and outdoor sports like surfing, Lindsay Lohan attributes her weight changes to the stress of working a lot and not getting enough sleep when on a trip.

Other Facts about Lindsay Lohan

Lohan had suffered eating disorder and lost 15 pounds after she was admitted into a hospital due to a kidney infection.

Due to her alcoholism at the age of 21, Lohan attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In 2014, she openly discussed her addiction in her interview with Oprah, saying that alcohol was an escape medium and that she uses cocaine on several occasions, which also “allowed [her] to drink more.

The famous entertainer has been in and out of rehab between 2007 to 2014, spending days, weeks and months, in different rehabilitation centers – some of which was based on a court order.

Lindsay Lohan has also broken the law on several occasions including being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in May 2007.  The same year, precisely in July and less than two weeks out of rehabilitation, she was arrested again on charges of possession of cocaine, driving under the influence and with a suspended license.

Some of her court sentences include community service, alcohol education program, some minutes to a day in jail and few years probation.

In any case, her life as not as messed up as in the past. For we know, Lohan is successful with a couple of investments to her credit, including a night club in Athen, Greece, which she opened in October 2016; two resorts in Greek island Mykonos and in Ialisos Beach, Rhodes, called Lohan Beach House Mykonos and Lohan Beach House Rhodes respectively.

She turned to fashion in 2008,  launching a clothing line called 6126. Then her free-to-play video game app which was named Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame was released for both Android and iOS operating systems in 2014.

Her lifestyle site Preemium which she started in June 2017, is accessible to subscribers for $2.99 per month. After signing to star in an MTV reality series, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club in July 2018, the series premiered on January 8, 2019, on the television channel.

As for her net worth, Lindsay Lohan has been an on and off millionaire as far as her career and legal issues are concerned. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she earned more than $27 million from movies alone but her current net worth is $800,000. Although that doesn’t seem to include earning from her Beach Club series.

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