Kitchen chores like every other house chores like cleaning or vacuuming or laundry, are just as tiring and never a fun moment in all our sometimes stressful lives. As a matter of fact, if we do these chores, is definitely because we have no choice. To say almost all kitchen chores are very much hated is an understatement. There comes a point in your life where you just wish to relax on the weekend without lifting a finger or go near the kitchen.

What makes kitchen chores inevitable is the fact that you’ve got to eat at some point and preparing a blessed warm meal in a dirty kitchen is not exactly appealing considering it’s a breeding environment for roaches. Yet, just because you clean up the mess doesn’t mean you like it and you’re not alone.

Here are some of the kitchen chores people hate the most, according to a survey.

Kitchen Chores People Hate the Most

1. Peel Potatoes

The annoyingly tedious chores of peeling potato led to several ideas and innovations which makes it easier to peel more than a pound in lesser time. Before now, you probably recall the dreading the boring date with potatoes, but whether you like it or not, as far as that veggie is on the menu, the chore is inevitable! Just check out some of the easy ways to peel potatoes.

2. Frying

This might sound surprising, but not everybody is as enthusiastic about the frying method of cooking and we can understand why.  In case you didn’t know, a lot can go wrong for some of us when it comes to frying:

  1. you either get splash-burned by the hot oil or
  2. Your Fried food come out either burnt or unappealingly limp and greasy or
  3. The food gets too dark on the outside, living the Inside raw and uncooked or
  4. Your pot of oil bubbles up and spill over on the sides of the pan and onto your stove…

What a mess! Now I hope you got the picture.

3. Washing and cutting vegetables

You’ll definitely hate this part of kitchen chore when that special occasion calls for making plenty of salads or perhaps a large pot of vegetable soup.  Let’s give a shout out to all chefs out there handing the veggies as clean and nicely sliced just the way we like ’em.

4. Slicing onions

Oh my,  don’t get me started on how much the onions make me cry.  Almost everybody hates slicing onions and not just because it makes you cry in a very awful way, the smell/odor takes hours to go away. Unfortunately, the onion is a vegetable we almost can’t do without due to the delicious aroma and taste it provides to the food.

5. Slicing  Okro

The slimy texture of the okra makes it less of a chore to relish.  Not only does it gets sticky, but it also takes plenty of time to chop or slice.

6. Cleaning Seafood

Whether it is a crab, mussels, the slimy catfish and snails, lobsters, prawns…etc, the cleaning part before cooking is highly dreaded. Not many people have experience with the cleaning and sanitization of these kinds of seafood. So when next you’re dining at a seafood restaurant, grab one of the chefs, shake their hands and say “thank you, sir/ma’am, for doing a great job on the seafood.”

7. Washing the dishes

Let’s face it, nobody likes dragging soap sponge through remnants of food and oils that stick on the plates and pots. According to a new report by the Council of Contemporary Families, everyone totally hates doing dishes and most siblings can certainly relate to that.

8. Cleaning the Oven and Refridgerator

It goes to say, the more home appliance you get, the more the house chores. Cleaning the oven and refrigerator is one of the chores that gets tiring just thinking about it. If you’re using one of those cleaning hacks to remove the oil stains on the oven or get rid of the odor from the fridge, it would probably take a couple of hours and squatting or bending so much isn’t exactly the enjoyable kind of exercise.

9. Tidying up the kitchen after a party

As much as having guests; family, friends or colleagues come over for a party is so much fun, you definitely don’t relish the after party mess which is what you’re going to inherit afterwards.

10. Taking out the trash and cleaning the garbage can

Trash is gross and cleaning the garbage can isn’t something anybody does with pleasure. When exactly is a robot for taking trash and cleaning the garbage cans will be invented?

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11. Cleaning kitchen cabinets

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The thought of getting everything; glasses, plates and china out the way for thorough cleaning is enough to make you give up before the actual chore begins. But it’s not like the dirt will go away if you just close your eyes and voila! all done! maybe in your dreams.

12. Mopping the floor

Seriously who likes mobbing? I definitely don’t! call it being lazy, but you’ll get the picture once that soapy water and ended with a brown murky mess. Some people suggest using the microfiber mop to make mopping so much easier and fun.

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