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Girls, if you think you’re a smart player when it comes to relationships, think again because most men already know who the fake girlfriend is. After popping the question on how to identify a fake girlfriend, hundreds of guys are gushing their heart out to expose many characteristics of girls they consider fake and here’s how they know.

How To Identify A Fake Girlfriend

1. A fake girlfriend will never call you unless to ask for a favour. 

2. She complains unnecessarily over little things

3. A fake girlfriend latches on to you only when there’s something to gain – money or connection.

4. She does not discuss future plans with you.

5. A fake girlfriend believes in ‘friends on benefit,’ only. 

6.She does not want to know about your goals or discuss your dreams and aspirations. Simply put, she doesn’t care!

7. She does not advise you or give meaningful suggestions.

8. A fake girlfriend will not visit you unless she knows there’s something to benefit.

9. She tells lies about herself and will be vague about her movements.

10. A fake girlfriend disrespects and takes advantage of you especially if she knows you love her more.

11. She has other side gigs. To guarantee her future, she has multiple suitors on her trial – each serving a purpose. 

12. A fake girlfriend may introduce you to her friends but not her parents since she’s not really into you.

13. She likes comparison and lives a fake life.

14. A fake girlfriend is always demanding like she deserves every good thing life has to offer and she’s never supportive.

15. She is not appreciative or has a sense of gratitude towards you. 

16. A fake girlfriend asks for money every time and acts like it’s meant for a good course.

17. Her selfishness is enough to tell you that she’s fake.

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18. A fake girlfriend can never see you through achieving your goals

19. She downloads you with all her family problems.

20. She doesn’t hesitate or feels ashamed to steal from you.

21. She always asks for favours.

22. She is always borrowing things and never intend to return it.

23. She’s always hungry when she knows you’d offer to foot the bill. Ask how she’s doing, the next thing, “I’m hungry.

24. She could form sick or become moody to get your attention.

25. A fake girlfriend is ever so quick to lie about the simplest things and she’s very cunning.

26. You know she’s fake if she’s secretive.

27. She doesn’t talk about you with her friends because she’s not proud of you.

28. She hides her phone from you and even hides to make or answer calls whenever she’s with you. 

29. She makes herself the centre of the Universe in every conversation.

30. She can be greedy and insatiable and this is because she doesn’t plan to stick around for long. 

31. She is materialistic and stingy.

32. A fake girlfriend is so stubborn, no words of admonishment will crack her sense to reason in the right direction.

33. She is not reliable, in other words, she won’t be there when you need a backbone.

There you have it. As much as these traits apply, there has to be a way to relate to such women and perhaps, love is the antidote. But in any case, girls, be on guard of such characters, men are not fools you know.

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