Garri Recipes

Garri recipes have emerged as one of the most popular foods in West Africa, precisely Nigeria where it is savored with varieties of side dishes like barbecued fish or meat, peanuts, beans poridge or pudding, coconut and soups.

Like the wheat flour, Garri is made out of peeled, washed, soaked and grated cassava that is drained in a press machine and roast into a dry crispy mash generally called Garri. Sometimes palm oil is added during the drying process to produce a yellow color Garri.

Once the Garri is properly processed it can be eaten dry, soaked in cold water with sugar and milk or it is soaked in a hot water to form a smooth dough known as the Eba that is eaten with a variety of soups. To determine the freshness or well-processed type that has a longer shelf life, you should look out for crispier grains.

Garri Recipes

The garri recipes are served as breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as dessert, appetizer and snacks. As breakfast, and just like cereals, you can enjoy this tapioca flour with peanuts, coconut, beans pudding.  In hot weather, it is best served in cold water and ice cubes, milk, sugar or honey and a pinch of salt.

Garri with Beans

Garri Recipes
Garri with beans poridge

This recipe is delicious, super satiating and packed with nutritious values – protein, carb and fiber. To prepare this, simply follow the steps for the preparation of beans and soak your garri in cold water, add sugar/honey and milk as desired and enjoy the hearty meal.



with Barbecue/Suya

Garri Recipes
Garri with sugar, milk, barbecue/suya, and eggs and moi moi (beans pudding)

This is one of the Garri recipes that has received high ratings for its protein richness and savory taste. The moi moi/beans pudding, stuffed with hard-boiled eggs and the barbecue/suya are protein packed which perfectly complements the carbohydrate content of the Garri.

You can either serve this recipe as lunch or dinner on normal or special occasions.

with Peanut and Coconut

Garri Recipes
Garri with milk, sugar cubes, peanuts and coconut chips

This Garri recipe is best served as a breakfast or dessert and mostly savor by both adults and teenagers, especially students who consider it the most sustainable meal for TDB –  exam periods when students study till daybreak.

with Fish

Garri Recipes
Garri with fish barbecue and sugar

As weird as this recipe may seem, it is definitely a delicacy in the south south region of Nigeria and other river line regions of West Africa where fish and seafood are harvested in abundance. For this recipe, you simply need to soak your Garri in cold water and sugar to enjoy the roasted spicy fish.

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Garri with Soup

Garri recipes
image source Garri (Eba) and Egusi soup


Soup is the most essential for consuming Garri in most West African countries.  Among Garri recipes, this is served as the entrée as lunch or dinner; the part where the Garri is stirred into boiling water to form a stiff dough. Afterwards, it nicely folded into any shape and serve and savor with any kind of soup.

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