Childhood for most of us comes with certain believes that either sprung from cultures or just silly jokes or stories our grandparents, parents and adults made up to scare us out of indulging in some childish whims.

Whether it is a myth or forged, as adults, we reminisce on some of these childhood superstitious believes for laughs since they are totally unrealistic…or maybe not.

1. Lizard bit

Wherever this lizard bite comes bugs me out since the little lizard we all know, run from away from people, to begin with. But, it was a childhood superstitious belief that if a lizard bits you, it will not leave you until it sees a pregnant woman. Huh???

2. Sitting on a stone

I guess now that there are furniture like chairs and tables calved out of stones, this childhood belief that if you sit on a stone, you will lose your grandmother, doesn’t seem valid/scary anymore.

3. Don’t look at the Mirror at night

Okay, this one sounds creepy just thinking about it and you’re probably wondering…why shouldn’t I look in the mirror at night. Well don’t make much out of it, it’s one of grandma’s ghost stories to freak you out – exactly what you get when you asked for a bedtime story.

4. Every Masquerade comes out from ant hole

This an African childhood superstition that stemmed from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Realistically, it’s impossible for anything larger than the ant to come out if the ant right?, so whether it is some magic – which no one ever even witnessed, I think it’s safe to say the elders made this story up to keep kids from poking the masquerades during parades.

5. Breaking Palm kernel at night

This is another African childhood superstitious believe which instils the idea that when you crack palm kernels at night, it lures ghosts. Strange and mysterious things have happened in the ancient days and til present, so I wouldn’t wave this as another silly joke. Since only the cricket is permitted by nature to break the silence of the night, don’t get on everybody’s nerves by cracking that hard-shelled fruit at night.

6. Relationship with the Opposite Sex

This was in the 20th century when some parents find it awkward explaining sex and reproduction to their daughters, rather it’s easier to tell them that just talking to a boy will give them the belly bump. However funny that may seem now, it probably worked.

7. Swallowing seeds of fruits

I guess our parents and elders meant well when they tried to protect kids with this non-superstitious belief.  Kids don’t mind swallowing seeds of fruits like orange, cherry etc… so to give a reason not to,  they are told the seed will grow into a tree, out of their stomach.

8. Flapping at the flamingoes  at dusk

Just as kids get fascinated by nature they believe that flapping their hands and singing to the flamingoes that usually fly by in groups at dusk, will make their fingernails as white as the flamingoes. Wherever that belief came from, I sincerely have no idea.

9. The tooth fairy

Everybody knows about the tooth fairy.  Before the era of scientific discoveries,  it was a childhood belief that if your fallen tooth is not thrown on top of the roof for the tooth fairy, It won’t be replaced or grow back again.

10. Calling someone’s name at night

What if you call someone out loud at night and a ghost or spirit answers? scary isn’t it? Whether it’s true or not it left for you to experiment on.

11. The evil bird

Noone seemed to have seen the bird, but it was a childhood belief that if this bird sings in your community, someone must die. Who listens nowadays anyway?

12. Black cats crossing your path

There are a lot of mythology surrounding cats. They have been companion animals for humans for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as ghost repellers

13. Bullying

If you laugh at or mock a deformed person you will suddenly become like them. Maybe not suddenly, but we all are familiar with the laws of Karma…Parents using this make-believe to stop kids from bullying one another. For what it’s worth, it worked.

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Other Childhood Superstitions

  1. Itchy Palms means money will either coming in (right palm) or going out (right palm).
  2. If a doorbell rings and no one is there when you have answered it, it is said that you have now invited a spirit into your house.
  3. To laugh excessively is very unlucky.  As the saying goes “Laugh till you cry, Sorrow till you die”
  4.  After a marriage ceremony, whoever walks away from the alter first, will be the first to die.
  5. Never put your purse on the floor, or you will lose money
  6.  If a dead person’s eyes are left open, he will find someone to take with him.
  7. If a mirror in the home falls by itself and shatters, someone in that house will soon pass.
  8. If there are 3 people photographed together, the middle one will be the one to die first.
  9. It is considered the “Devil’s Luck” to have 13 letters in your name.
  10. Lifting your feet when going over a railroad track. Travellers’ ghosts are believed to walk on railways too.


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