Fathers Day

Fathers Day is always a special annual occasion we all look forward to in other to get the chance to pure our heart out. A father is that first man to hold you in his protective arms from the very beginning; that guides you through his wise words and is always there as the brick to offer his support.

We bring you a compiled list of the best wishes, song and gift ideas for fathers day and these best wishes for all the late dad who are dearly missed as well as for all the great stepfathers out there.

Fathers Day Best Wishes

1. Today is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much you’ll always mean to me, dad.
Thank you for being the best father in the world.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. It’s fathers day today and it reminds me that your guiding hand on my shoulder, remains with me forever.
Thank you for your unquestionable support papa.

3. The man full of compassion and strength to support our family and keep it functioning is my wonderful dad.
You are always there and I’m grateful to God for making you, my dad.
With all my heart I wish a Happy Fathers Day.

4. Everything I have learnt from you has helped me demonstrate my professionalism.

5.  Your timely wise lecturing stopped me from choosing the wrong path.
How privileged I am to have you. Happy Fathers Day!

6.  Never mind that we are far apart,
but I’m sending you big hugs and kisses on this special day.

7. Without you, my life is not proper and I cannot be a topper.
You are the best Daddy…Happy Fathers Day.

8. Remembering the times you lost to me on purpose… and when you won on purpose,
it taught me sportsmanship…
Thanks, papa…Let’s have a fun-filled Fathers Day together.

9. I’m ever grateful to God for having you as my Papa.
I Love now and always.

10. The piggy-back rides, backyard games, the long bicycle-rides…all these and more lives in my heart.
Remembering your overwhelming patience daddy…Happy Fathers Day.

11. My special friend, my buddy, I always enjoy the things we do and will cherish them forever.
Happy Fathers Day to you!

12.  Sending you best wishes more precious than flowers and gifts.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Happy Fathers Day.

13. My stepdad is the best father any kid could want …a father is not a man who gives his genes, a father is one who raises u and is there for u in good and bad, he was not only my dad … he is my best friend… Sending you my best wishes on fathers day.

Fathers Day Best Wishes for Late Dads

1. I miss you, dad, I wish I can have you back even for a second.

2. I love you dad, it been long, you are the best among all

3. Dad I will forever treasure your sweet and lovely memory.

4. Hi Dad! You are my Hero

5. I miss you, daddy, wishing every day you are here

6. I wish you were here to see the kind of woman I’ve grown to become.

7. Return If possible my hero

8. Rest on my hero, I will forever remain in my heart

9. Why didn’t you just stay a little longer?

10. You’re not here, now that I needed you the most.
I have achieved one of your dreams for me, will keep pushing and I will make you proud…
Continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more.

12. Dear dad, I want to thank you for being a good father, for helping me actualize my dreams.
Keep resting in the bosom of God. I still choose to be your child in the next world.

13. Dear dad, where are you, why did you leave so early,
I miss the times we spent and I wish u are here with me…. Rip my paddy.

14. Honestly, dad, life has been difficult without you, I miss you so much.

15. Dearest daddy…I really miss your friendly characters,
you gave us your comfort to be comfortable,
you laid your life for us. I miss you my teacher, friend and dad. RIP.

16. Thank You for everything you are.
Life is more beautiful when you are around. Happy Fathers Day!

17. A father is one who raises you and is there for you in good and bad times, he was not only my dad …
he was my best friend…I miss u dad… but I know you’re watching me from heaven,
and someday we will see each other again, never to be apart again.

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

To select the perfect fathers day gift you should consider what he might love. You don’t have to break your bank account to get him something special and you might even personalise the gift to make it more sentiment and honorable. Any of the items listed below might do the trick.

1. Amazon Echo

2. Beard Trimmer

4. Snickers or Running Shoes

5. Barbecue Cook Book

6. SmartWatch/Wristwatch

7. Toiletries Bag

8. Whiskey Wedge and Glass

9. Hand Pomade

10. Scuff Slippers

11. Perfume

12. Drink dispenser

13. Necktie travel roll

Best Songs for Fathers Day

Here’s are heartwarming songs to say “Happy, happy Father’s day!”

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