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Donald Trump is an American, a businessman and television personality who officially became the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. He won the election over Hilary Clinton on November 8, 2016.

Trump is recorded as the first U.S. president without prior experiences in government or military service, as well as the country’s wealthiest president in history with an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion, according to Forbes. Becoming the president seems to be the peak of Donald Trump’s achievement along with his diverse investments and strings of assets such as the 98-storey Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago and other hotels, golf courses in U.S.  and Europe.

But let’s not begin to count Trump’s blessings and focus on the critical aspect of human existence which some people would consider as health, food and drink, if not the never-ending trend of weight loss diet.

Donald Trump Diet

Donald Trump is not all etiquette when it comes to his diet. Everyone knows about his love for fast food which McDonald is one of it. His campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in her Book revealed that Trump has ‘four major food groups’ during his presidential ‘campaign: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza, and Diet Coke.” He also enjoys a thoroughly cooked steak on ketchup. ‘

Other reports show that the Billionaire president sips up to 12 Diet Cokes a day and he has the red button to fall back on whenever his out of supply at the White House. Now that’s an unhealthy diet, according to doctors but at least there’s consolation in his No Alcohol habit.

Trump’s list of fast food during the campaign, according to Lewandowski include

  1. McDonald’s takeout such as Big Macs, Fillet-O-Fish, and chocolate malted;
  2. Potato chips, pretzels, Vienna Finger cookies and lots of packages of Oreos – constantly stocked on his campaign jet, according to Washington Post.

Plus, he will not touch, much less much from a previously opened package, as reported by Quartz.

His need and timing for food are said to be prioritised as any other aspect of his march to the presidency.  But there’s a bizarre reason Trump loves or prefer fast food.  In Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury,  he wrote that Trump’s preference is based on the unlikeliness of the food to be poisoned.  For him, surprise visits to McDonald’s are the catch since no one knows he’s coming and the food was ready and ‘safely premade.’

Donald Trump
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It is said that ‘health is wealth’ and that is one of the rules Donald Trump lives by. To keep the body, soul and brain together, consuming alcohol is definitely off limit for the business tycoon. This disciplinary measures reportedly sprung from watching how the liquor destroyed his older brother Fred Jr. who died in 1981.

Not only alcohol, Trump doesn’t and never smoked cigarettes or any of its destructive kinds, like drugs, including marijuana. Recall that the President’s health was declared excellent in January 2018 by Ronny Jackson, the White House physician. His heart condition reportedly showed no medical issues, however, the same could not be said of his cholesterol level and body weight which were higher than normal.

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Weight Loss And Exercise

You’d probably imagine a picture of Donald Trump running the treadmill or taking an outdoor jug, well dreaming is free because that is not on Trump’s philosophy of the good life.  Besides playing golf or giving hours of speech in front of an audience, every other form of exercise is null and void.

The 45th President of the United State told the New York Times in 2015, that his friends who workout all the time are getting knee and hip replacements which a total disaster. He thinks our bodies are like the battery, with some limited amount of energy, that is further depleted by exercises. If that isn’t Trump enough for you maybe this video below is another hint.

As for weight loss, the big daddy is bound to start working on it and is now on some diet regiment. According to an inside report, White House chefs prepare healthier meals, like soups, fish and salads for Trump. He would skip the fast food burgers for weeks to shed the extra inadequate pound and maintain the appropriate Body Mass Index, BMI. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy some cheat meals every now and then.

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