Doing It Yourself, DIY is one of the ways to be productive and creative at the same time. Often times it seems easier to buy than prepare a DIY lunch pack, salad or your favorite sweet treats, but before you rush into that shopping mall or a canteen near you to make a swift purchase, consider the cost.

Besides being cheaper, it is typically also healthier to DIY because you can better control the portions and ingredients. Below are the food and why you should do it yourself.

Things You Must Learn To Prepare Rather Than Buy

Most people can’t do without something sweet before the end of a day. Now if you have a sweet tooth, it’s better to make those desserts like cakes and cookies by yourself, rather than buy it, so as to cut down the cost.

According to experts, you will end up paying 100 % to 300 % extra for cookies, cakes and other sweet snakes than if you decide to prepare it yourself. You don’t need to be a professional chef to bake a sweet dessert like cookie or cake, all you require is the basic ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter and eggs.

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It’s tempting to just grab that pre-made salads and side dishes at the supermarket, however, you’re not only paying the product but also for convenience, which is usually between 40 to 60 percent extra for prepared foods in the deli section.

Making fruits or vegetable salads at home does not only save you money, it’s easy to prepare. Plus you can control what goes into the salads

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Office lunch hour is another way staff tend to burn through their paycheck. They mindless spend more every day to buy restaurant meals when the fact is,  there’s a cost difference between a reasonably priced restaurant meal and a lunch pack made at home.

Now while it’s Inevitable that your friends might ask you to meet for pizza, or you’ll have to take a client out for food, at least aim to bring lunch two to four times per week, depending on what your circumstances are at work.

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