Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is popular for his role as ‘Thor,’ the Nordic god of thunder. Movie lovers all over the world have been mesmerized by the blond, blue-eyed, actor with a muscular physique whose chest measurement beats the normal range at 42 inches.

It’s interesting to note that Chris Hemsworth has earned several nominations of which he won five awards including People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards and Kid’s Choice Awards.


Christopher Hemsworth was born on 11 August 1983 to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth.  Leonie was an English teacher while Craig was a social service counsellor. He is the 2nd of his two brothers Luke and Liam. Even though Chris was born in Melbourne Australia, the family moved about for quite a while before settling down in Philip Island.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, Chris describes his childhood as having a lot of outdoor activities which includes surfing and playing football with his brothers, Luke and Liam who are also Hollywood actors. Little wonder he decided to have kids early so that he would be athletic enough to keep up with them.


Hemsworth kick-started his acting career with his debut movie “Guinevere Jones” (2002), where he played the role of King Arthur. In 2004 He actually auditioned for the role of Robbie Hunter in the Australian TV series ‘ Home and Away’ but was unsuccessful. He was later called back to act the part of Kim Hyde in the same series. Since then, there has been no stopping for the Australian actor who has won many accolades for the excellent interpretation of roles in his movies.

He has since featured in star trek (2009), as well as ‘A Perfect Getaway'(2009), and Ca$h (2010), his first movie in the United States.

In addition, he also has the following movies to his credits: Snow white and the huntsmen (2012), Red Dawn (2012), Rush (2013) and Vacation (2015).

The MTV movie award winner for Best Hero (2011) is equally a donor to the Australian Children Foundation and was the star of 2014 edition of ‘Everything’s possible campaign’ organized by the Australian Football League.

Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

Chris Hemsworth is enjoying a happy marriage with his wife Elsa Pataky, a Spanish actress and model. And just in case you’re wondering, Yes! the couple had actually acted as husband and wife in a movie since getting married. They met through a mutual acquaintance in early 2010 then wedded in December same year.

This couple is noteworthy because they got married even before Chris became famous and their union has been able to withstand his rise in stardom. Their union is blessed with a girl, India Rose(2012) and two twin boys, Sasha and Tristan (2014). They currently reside in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Hemsworth considers himself the “luckiest guy in the world” for being married to Elsa who ‘sacrificed everything’ to let him ‘chase this crazy dream.’

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Body measurements

Chris Hemsworth is known for his tall frame. He Stands at an impressive 6 feet 3 inches (1.9m) in height and balances it off with a weight of 201 pounds (91kg). This fact coupled with a large chest measurement makes him a sight to behold.

This handsome hero also has an enviable shoulder to waist proportion with his biceps and arms measuring 16 inches while his waists read 13 inches, thus giving him a body to die for.


Although Hemsworth is naturally endowed with a well-sculpted body, strict adherence to a proper workout layout and good diet had helped him to massively improve on himself.

A good diet is tantamount to a healthy and fit body. And as his personal trainer, Zocchi would say, ‘ Food is more important than training’ This is because the body needs calories that can be converted to muscles during training. To keep fit, Chris eats six portions of food per day made up of clean protein, brown rice and a healthy dose of vegetables.

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Chris Hemsworth Workout

For a workout, weight lifting occupies a prominent place in Hemsworth’s routine exercise.  His personal trainer Luke Zocchi kept him at it for 6 days a week, for his role in ‘Thor’. He complements this with boxing, pull-ups, bear crawls and medicine ball throws, in addition to yoga and surfing. Most of his exercise aims at developing his upper body (chest, arms and shoulders).

In other to act the part of a starving sailor, Owen Chase, in the movie ‘In the heart of the Sea,’ the actor revealed that he had to starve himself by living on a diet not exceeding 600 calories a day. By doing so Hemsworth popularized the Vegan diet’

The 2004 winner of the ‘Sexiest man alive’ award winner recently launched a fitness app ‘Centr’, aimed at centering the entire body. He developed the ‘Train, Eat and Live’ app with his wife Elsa and a couple of friends.

So if you really wish to workout like the Thor star, you’re most welcome to join him here with Jack Black.

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