Businesses you can start from home is one of the trendy topics for homemakers, retirees, senior citizens, those seeking a startup and others who wish to double or triple their income stream.

Food is one of humanity’s top problems for the next five decades, and if there are a million ways to solve that,  one of the businesses mentioned below.

Businesses you can start from home

1. Cake Baking

Starting a cake baking business is a good choice for pastry lovers and if you’re talented at it, then it’s a huge advantage. There’s a huge customer base for baked goods, which gives room for a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to build businesses around baking.

According to Small Business Trends, there are about 50 different baking businesses you can try out as an aspiring baker, such as a wedding cake, healthy bakes, cake deco, bread making, cake sales…, etc.

2. Snack Supplies

Making a snack is one of many hobbies people have turned into a profitable business right from out of the kitchen/home.  You can carve out a signature snack your family and friend would constantly request for and start a snack supply business.

Source for a customer base by using online links like Etsy that allows you to sell the products you love to customers.

3. Street food

Depending on your location and what type of food the people will always demand, street food is one of the steady cash flow businesses you can invest your time and energy into.

This sounds like an outdoor business doesn’t it? But here’s why it’s on the list of businesses you can start from. From surveys carried out on foods sold on streets in most countries, the meals are prepared from home and taken out to be sold at a certain location and not necessarily in a hall/shelter but outside, under canopies, in a cart.

With your passion and the necessary permits, you could be serving breakfast, lunch or dinner to dozens of customers per day and making huge returns in profit.

4. Home cooked food drop off

Home cooked meals are considered the best around the world based on its richness in taste and nutrients. If you have a gifted hand in cooking, then this is a business worth investing in.

Dual career families are more likely to welcome a home cooked food service. How does it work? Once you receive orders for a particular meal you can cook it at home and deliver them. Your clients might request for meals that can last them for a week or more.

5. Juice/Smoothies


Everybody opt for a healthy lifestyle and that includes eating good food and drinks. Smoothie and fresh fruit juice are the on-trend choices for diets as people in tune with plant-based nutrients.

Fortunately, this is one of the businesses you can conveniently start from home and take to customers whom you can find in workplaces and at home. All you need is the space, time, machine and be ready to handle tons of waste that would be involved.

6. Snail/Crabs/Catfish farming

This is suitable if you have the basic knowledge of animal husbandry, space and won’t let them scared the crab outta you.

In a West African country like Nigeria, these aquatic creatures are considered elite meat and you stand to make a huge profit from this lucrative but little-known business.

Snails are a special preference in mouth-watering soups like vegetable soups and Palm oil stew, in other words, these prized products end up in some of the kitchens of high-end hotels in Lagos where they are creatively used to prepare tasty African dishes.

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7. Vegetable dealer

Don’ t leave that huge space for a garden at the back of your yard wasting when you can set up a plantation of vegetables and fruits – cucumber, carrots, plantain, oranges, lemon, spinach…, etc. There’s a constant market for these soil produce and while they might sound like a petty business to you, others are making a huge deal out of it and smiling to the bank.

8. Crayfish/Crawfish Business

Starting a mini crawfish farm or just buying and selling dry crayfish might just be the gateway to entrepreneurial success – that is if these mud bugs don’t creep you out. With the right technics, skills and colder weather – which is the right weather for crawfish, you could be harvesting them in 3 months, the time it takes crawfish crop to come of age.

The demand in the market for crayfish and crawfish is huge around the world because everybody eats it in one way or another, making it one of the viable businesses you can start from home.

9. Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging

Many people envision factories, big plants once they hear food processing, preservation and packaging, but that is not the case. This is one of the businesses you can operate from home and make huge profits out of it.

The food you can manufacture includes Edible Nuts, Jams, Potato Chips, Pickles, Custard Powder, Pet Food Production,

10. Events Catering

From catering small events to huge events, most success stories usually start from a humble beginning and home can be your starting point.

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