banana smoothie

The banana smoothie is one of the most popular beverages around the world for obvious reasons including the fact that banana itself is an all season fruit and can be easily be whipped up using the blender.  Like other kinds of fruit smoothie, the banana smoothie is creamy, thick and pretty much complement a variety of fruits – apples, strawberries, pears, blueberries, pineapple, with the inclusion of other ingredients as would be mentioned in this recipe shown below.

As much as its health benefits seem like a done deal – super healthy and all, the banana smoothie can fall out of this ladder if it contains a high amount of sugar, maybe some ice cream, protein powders or the higher-butterfat cream to sweeten it up a bit. While this is so yummy, it increases its calorie, leading to weight gain.

Banana Smoothie Recipe


For two-person servings, you would need:

4 Cold bananas

5 Dates

2tbs Peanut butter

1 cup Yogurt

Ice cubes

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1. For dry dates, soak overnight in water inside the refrigerator ahead of the time of preparation of the banana smoothie.

2. Cut the dates into small pieces, and blend it into a pulp – add a half cup of cold water to aid its rotation inside the electric blender.

3. Add the peanut butter, fresh cold banana and yogurt and continue the blending process for another 60 sec.  You might prefer using peanuts to give it a chewy feel as you enjoy each sip.

4. Pour inside the two glasses and drops two ice cubes in each before serving.

To reap the full health benefit of banana smoothie, it is recommended you whip up the banana smoothie without the other excesses from dairy products and go for less calorie like almond milk or just water.  You can also spike its color to green with avocado *wink*

Note: With the dates and peanut butter, the banana smoothie comes out pale.

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